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About us

Gary Anderson started his leasing apprenticeship in Glendale CA with Bob New Inc. and on Jan. 2, 1991 started CNG Leasing in northern California, leasing Compressed Natural Gas Crown Victoria Fords to Fire Departments and Police Departments as the Chief’s vehicle. Therefore the Company Name CNG Leasing.

CNG Leasing received the CLEAN Cities Award on Oct. 21, 1994 signed by Hazel R. O’Leary Secretary of Energy with the Department of Energy CNG was recognized as a leader in improving air quality, strengthening the local economy, and enhancing public awareness of alternatives f through commitment to and participation in the United States Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program.

Remembering Bob New:

“Long time lessor Bob New passed away. He reportedly suffered a stroke and was in bed for the past couple of years. Bob operated his leasing business since 1957 at the same location in in Glendale, California, while he was blind. In 2012, his company of six employees announced a "joint venture" with RNO Financial/CNG Leasing at their corporate office in Reno, Nevada. He basically retired shortly thereafter”.

RNO Financial/CNG Leasing today is a specialist in leasing weapons to the law enforcement agencies as well as SMART CITY Technologies. Mr. Anderson is also involved in the Blockchain arena in northern Nevada.


Specialist in Law Enforcement Needs

Smart city furniture that satisfies a city’s smart needs by using several modules for traffic management, city surveillance and all equipment is available… high-tech, mobile enforcement product that performs number plate recognition, face recognition, speed and parking violation detection on the move. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing is the major leasing company in offering weapons for law enforcement.

Mail Scanners, Security Cameras, Radar Trailers, Live Video Walls for Command Centers, Drone Detection and I.R.I.S. Biometric Identification Systems.