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Consultants Introduction

RNO Financial/CNG Leasing increases your volume by offering Federal and Municipal Leasing programs to your vendors!

We are specialists in arranging financing for Government Agencies RNO Financial/CNG Leasing provides an easy way to sell to Government Agencies that do not have the available funds to acquire your vendor's equipment. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing works with you to provide Municipal and Federal leasing programs for your established vendor network so that they can include a leasing option in every sales proposal!

The process to initiate a lease program is fast and simple! Call RNO Financial/CNG Leasing +1 (503) 901-5566 and specify the equipment, lessee, term, equipment cost and the points to add on for you. A RNO Financial/CNG Leasing marketing consultant will provide you with a rate quote and, if accepted, RNO Financial/CNG Leasing will send documents the same day. RNO Financail/CNG Leasing provides financing to local Government Agencies such as public school districts, fire and police departments, public works departments, state universities, correctional facilities, county hospitals, city and county and state offices. We have expertise in Federal Government transactions and offer Lease To Own Plans and Lease With Option to Purchase plans. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing also facilitates leases for Native American Tribal Entities. Property that is frequently leased consists of items that are essential to the operation of the municipality or Federal Agency. These types of property include: police vehicles, heavy equipment such as sweepers, fire engines, computer systems, telephone systems and office equipment. We can even finance software only transactions.

We respect any vendor relationships you have established. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call RNO Financial/CNG Leasing today at +1 (503)-901-5566 and find out how easy it is to offer your vendors a Municipal and Federal Lease program! We offer exceptional flexibility in meeting the term length and payment requirements of government administrators. When an entity cannot pay cash, we can enter into a contract with them and fund the vendor as a cash sale. We provide an added incentive for financed sales to these entities, because we process all of the documentation and payment collection paperwork.

We are experienced in processing unique or complicated transactions including rentals (LWOP's) and lease purchases (LTOP's) with Federal Government entities. If a GSA contract is applicable to the transaction we will require a copy for review and approval. Federal transactions vary and we consider them on a case-by-case basis.

We offer competitive rates for the lease of property for all local and state government subdivisions, including sanitation districts, school districts, fire and police departments, city or county agencies, and more. The most significant obstacle faced by Government Agencies in acquiring needed property is meeting their fiscal year budgetary requirements. Often, there are not enough funds budgeted for the purchase of property. Teaming with RNO Financial/CNG Leasing to offer leasing options to your vendors will increase.

Arranging the lease

Usually, the Government Agency has identified its need for property and has either chosen a vendor or has requested proposals from several suppliers. We work with you and your vendors who respond to Requests for Proposal by providing lease rates and assistance with bid preparation. Contact us for assistance and information.

Leasing options

Lease to Own Plan (LTOP) - With an LTOP, the Federal Agency makes regular payments for their term of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the agency owns the property. Lease With Option to Purchase (LWOP) - Under an LWOP, the agency makes regular payments for the term of the lease and has the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease term for a specified price. If the agency chooses not to exercise its option to purchase, the property is returned to the leasing company. Straight Lease or Rental - With a straight lease or rental, the agency makes regular payments for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the agency either renews the lease for an additional term or returns the property to the leasing company.

Why municipal agencies lease

Emergencies - Municipal Agencies often have non-budgeted immediate needs and are without the surplus funds to acquire them. Since they cannot be obligated long-term without an election, leasing the property is the only alternative. The Municipal Lease contains a non-appropriation clause that allows the municipality to enter into a lease without committing future funds. Lengthy Budget Process - Unless capital expenditures are already in the budget, it could take months or years to acquire property that is needed today. However, lease payments are appropriated from the operating budget, rather than the capital budget, and are often made from excess or emergency funds already available. Voter Approval Not Required - A general election is usually required to commit a municipality to long-term bond financing (i.e. obligates the municipality beyond the end of the current fiscal year). On occasion, unpopular issues (i.e. the location of a jail facility) are turned down although they are desperately needed. When necessary, lease financing provides an option to proceed without long-term obligation, and without voter approval (because the Municipal Lease may be terminated if funds are not appropriated). Too Small for Bonds - Low interest bond financing is usually not available for small projects under $1 million. Government Leasing, LLC leases property costing as low as $5,000.00 with no maximum dollar amount. Length of lease terms are generally to five years or longer, depending upon the useful life of the property. Bonds Cost More - After adding the soft costs of bonds, such as labor, advertising, printing, etc., lease financing is less expensive and much less time consuming. $1 Buyout - In a Municipal Lease, the lessee usually purchases and takes title to the property. The financing is a full payout contract with a $1 buyout at the end of the lease term.

Start a Government Program

Identify Your Target Market - Qualified candidates include agencies of the Federal, State, County, Municipal Governments or other instrumentalities, such as:

  • • Public Schools and School Boards
  • • State Colleges and Universities
  • • County and City Hospitals
  • • Police, Sheriff and Fire Departments
  • • Judicial Systems
  • • Highway and Road Departments
  • • Park and Recreation Departments
  • • Prisons and Penitentiaries
  • • Sewer and Water Districts
  • • Any Federal Agency

What Can Be Leased? - Basically, anything essential to the operation of the agency including:
  • • Computer and Software
  • • Office Equipment
  • • Furniture
  • • Security Systems
  • • Vehicles and Accessories
  • • Heavy Equipment
  • • Telephone and Communications Equipment
  • • Other tangible and intangible property - RNO Financial/CNG Leasing +1 503.901.5566