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Federal Agency Financing

What is a Federal Lease?

A Federal Lease is an alternative to an outright purchase. It allows Federal Agencies to obtain necessary equipment and other assets while still operating within their budget. The type of property that can be financed with a Federal Lease includes computers, software, office equipment, communications equipment, security systems, furniture, and vehicles. We also arrange financing for other types of property. The term of a Federal Lease is typically one to three years with longer terms available, depending upon the type of equipment and the needs of the Federal Agency. During the term of the lease, the Government Agency makes scheduled payments. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing provides flexible payment terms that meet the financial needs of the Federal Agency.

Overcome Budgetary Constraints

The most significant challenge faced by Governmental Agencies when acquiring needed property is their fiscal year budgetary requirements. Often, insufficient funds are budgeted for the outright purchase of essential property. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing overcomes this budgetary constraint by financing the property. We hold GSA contracts for lease financing, so we can team with the GSA vendor of choice to provide leasing services. We can also finance property obtained with open market pricing, terms and conditions.
When the cost of equipment is viewed as a series of monthly payments, the budgetary process is more efficient in managing an acquisition. Leasing presents the opportunity to spread the acquisition over multiple budgetary periods, which is more likely to correspond with the useful life of the equipment. Our low rates permit the agency to increase their purchasing power. For example, without leasing, budgetary limitations may force an Agency to settle for equipment that is less than adequate for its long-term needs.

Who Uses a Federal Lease?

Most agencies of the executive (such as the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Department of Transportation, Treasury and Veterans Affairs), legislative (such as the Senate, House of Representatives, Library of Congress, General Accounting Office, Government Printing Office), judicial (such as the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts) branches of the Federal Government use leasing to acquire property and other assets, as well as several semi-independent agencies (such as EPA, FEMA, GSA, NASA, SEC, SBA, SSA, TVA, and USPS). In addition, some contractors and subcontractors to the Federal Government use Federal leasing to acquire property needed to fulfill their contracts.

Leasing Options

Lease To Ownership (LTOP): With an LTOP, the Federal Agency makes regular payments for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease term, the agency owns the property.
Lease With Option to Purchase (LWOP): Under an LWOP, the agency makes regular payments for the term of the lease and has the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease term for a specified amount. If the agency chooses not to exercise its option to purchase, the property can be returned to the leasing company or the lease can continue for an additional term(s).
Straight Lease or Rental: With a straight lease or rental, the agency makes regular payments for the term of the lease. At the end of the lease term the agency either renews the lease for an additional term or returns the property to the leasing company.

GSA Contracts

GSA contracts specific to financing property ranging from computers and medical equipment to laboratory and environmental analysis equipment. We can partner with vendors to finance sales or rentals to Government Agencies under the terms of their GSA contracts and our GSA leasing terms and conditions. This eliminates the requirement for the usual bid process and the delays that are inherent in open market acquisitions. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing understands the issues faced by Federal Agencies and Federal equipment suppliers when pursuing acquisitions.

Obtain a Federal Quote Now

For a detailed quote, please call RNO Financial/CNG Leasing at +1 (503) 901-5566 or click the "Contact Us" link above. Provide us with the lessee name, property description and cost, the desired term, and a desired payment amount. We will respond immediately with a customized quote. Upon acceptance of the quote and receipt of the purchase order, we will generate the necessary documentation and forward it for signature. Please note: If a GSA contract or any other terms and conditions apply, approval by Government Leasing, is required.