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CNG Leasing, LLC Testimonials

"I would like to thank CNG Leasing, LLC for arranging financing on our 48-foot trailer. As many of you know, the local banks were taking forever and although two of those three were ultimately going to finance us, CNG Leasing, LLC made this happen in less than a week. More importantly, they have provided us with an honest service, sticking to their word when they made part of a deal. I would encourage all of you in the concession and trailer business reading this to consider allowing them to help with your future financing. Again, we thank all of the CNG Leasing team for your support and assistance."


-Steve and Mike

Concession Ventures LLC

“I leased my Mercury form CNG Leasing, LLC and the first time was back in 1986. Mr Anderson knows I like blue and he has so many contacts with various manufacturers that he located the vehicle I wanted with all the options and color in Walnut Creek, CA”


-Wayne John

Law and Justice Foundation

“We wish to thank CNG Leasing, LLC for their sucessful bid when we purchased our first FORD CROWN VICTORIA CNG alternative-fuel vehicles.”


-City of Rohnert Park, CA

Fire Department

“I answered an email from Gary Anderson and he kept his word that he could lease a $375,000 commercial yacht. Mr. Anderson conducts business by computer, fax and phone.”


-Name Withheld

“I am pleased to inform you that CNG Leasing, LLC was awarded the bid Jan. 3, 1996 for the purchase of the following bi-fuel vehicles: 3- 1996 Ford 3/4 Ton F-250... 1- 1996 Ford 15 Passenger Super Club Wagon...1- 1996 Ford Cargo Van”


-City of Paramount David Johnson

Senior Management Analyst