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Tribal Leasing

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Tribal Leasing

RNO Financail/CNG Leasing has leased to Tribal Entities for over 24 years -- before leasing became difficult through a local bank. We have made it possible for Tribal and gaming-related enterprises to acquire essential equipment.

  • • We have leased to a great number of Tribes since our company began.
  • • We do taxable or tax-exempt financings depending on the use of the equipment.
  • • We only require a valid waiver of sovereign immunity for the equipment financed.
  • • The Tribe must be a Federally-recognized entity.

Contact us with the following information for a customized quote:

  • 1. Equipment type
  • 2. Cost of equipment
  • 3. Number of units
  • 4. Use of equipment
  • 5. Term of repayment desired
  • 6. Lessee (Name of Tribal Enterprise)
  • Please include any deal-specific information, and one of our leasing professionals will respond to your inquiry within 4 business hours or less.