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Nevada Advantages

  • RNO Financial/Eureka House of Metals believed to be the only Native Business Enterprise precious metals company in the United States.
  • RNO Financial/Eureka House of Metals is located in Northern Nevada.
  • Most US gold comes from Nevada. And it yields way more gold than California. In fact, Nevada produces 80% of all the gold mined in the country today, and actually ranks among the top national producers in the world. You can still find sizable nuggets in every county of the state with nothing more than a gold pan, a lucky stream or river, and disciplined, indigenous native-like patience.

RNO Financial/Eureka House of Metals a Native Business Enterprise welcomes in the New Year 2020 with the American Buffalo, a striking coin with a profile image of a Native American chieftain stamped on one side and the iconic Buffalo on the other. It is a "legal tender" and carries a denomination of $50.

Each coin is guaranteed by the US Mint for the weight and purity marked on the reverse side 1 oz .9999 fine gold.

The Buffalo is minted in .9999 fine gold (24 karat) rather than the .9167 (22 karat) pure metal used for the Eagle. While both coins contain a full troy ounce of gold, the American Buffalo gold is slightly smaller in size because it does not contain the alloy metals, meaning no silver and copper.

Get the Native advantages with RNO/Eureka House of Metals for your precious metal purchases and coming soon private vault storage on sovereign land.

Other great Nevada advantages

  • No Corporate Income Tax, No Franchise Tax, No Personal Income Tax, No Franchise Tax on Income No Inheritance or Gift Tax, No Unitary Tax, No Estate Tax.
  • Now you can safeguard your assets from financial turmoil and the devaluing dollar – with the native advantage, plus the Nevada advantage by dealing with a native business metals enterprise. Savvy, self-reliant clients as well as trust companies, hedge funds, and tribal enterprises are embracing RNO Financial/Eureka House of Metals as their trustworthy resource.
  • Physical Gold and Silver Bullion & Coin, Crypto’s Backed by Legal Tender personal accounts, and Private Safe Deposit Boxes and/or Vault Storage on Sovereign Land.




Why Choose us


RNO Financial/CNG Leasing, has the experience and expertise gained by financing government agencies since 1992.

Pre Approved

State and Federal Agencies lease your equipment today that you need... You're Pre Approved.


We are a nationwide Leasing and financial center.


Creative lease financing and competitive rates are our specialty.

Specialist in Law Enforcement Needs

Smart city furniture that satisfies a city’s smart needs by using several modules for traffic management, city surveillance and all equipment is available… high-tech, mobile enforcement product that performs number plate recognition, face recognition, speed and parking violation detection on the move. RNO Financial/CNG Leasing is the major leasing company in offering weapons for law enforcement.